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Social Media Services

For Realtors

For your social media account to be engaging, it isn't enough to post an exterior shot or one of the wide-angle shots of a room of a house listing. You need to build your brand, sell your services and the homes by posting...

  • Photos that tell a story
  • House to house comparison photo series
  • Home and situation settings
  • Engaging captions
  • Unique features
  • "Wow factor" photos and videos
  • Charming nooks of a home
  • Dramatic, grand ceilings
  • Beautiful seasonal shots
  • "Way of life" images
  • Personal touch - who you are as a realtor, your style and personality

Think more like home decor and lifestyle magazines in addition to the typical house flyer and listings photos or videos.

You don't always need to post content of the homes your are selling. One example is the Instagram account @peterandpaige. Its market is luxury homes, however the tactics are the same for mid-level or entry-level homes--keep the people interested and engaged.

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