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Photography & Videography

For Realtors

Studies indicate that quality real estate staging and photography is more likely to generate a higher price per square foot. A wide angle shooting technique gives a sense of space and square footage. Feature the best parts of the home. Portray a warm, homey feel, or another preferred tone, to give prospective buyers "wow" reactions.

Home should be prepped and staged before shoot (all lights on, house clean, decluttered, windows and mirrors clean, decortive elements, plants).

Dramatic Effects - This option uses the beauty of photoshop to enhance the mood for exterior shots with lighting effects and sky editing.

Video Featurette - This one-minute video can be used for your social media accounts. Mood music and your logo/headshot added to the video and your contact information displayed at the end. Drone videography coming soon.

Shots Checklist

  • Front Exterior
  • Front Exterior Entry
  • Interior Entry
  • Living Room, wide angle
  • Family Room, wide angle
  • Kitchen, wide angle
  • Kitchen, feature shots
  • Feature shots (fireplace, balconies, laundry, etc.)
  • Each Bedroom, wide angle
  • Each Bathroom, wide angle
  • Back Exterior
  • "Look and feel" or "mood" shots
  • Neighborhood shoots (if desired)


Photography Session
Includes at least 40 photos and basic photo editing.
< 3,000 square feet: $200
> 3,000 square feet: $250+
Dramatic Effects Option
Outdoor photo shots only - $40 per photo
Video Featurette
1 minute fully edited property video with music and contact info.
< 3,000 square feet: $200
> 3,000 square feet: $250+

Preferred Shooting Times

Depends on the desired tone and direction home faces.
Exterior General Guidelines
East-facing: Morning
West-facing: Afternoon
North-facing: 10am-2pm
South-facing: dawn/dusk
Interior General Guidelines
1-3 PM PT

Scheduling & Delivery

Same-day scheduling, including weekends, may be possible. Text me for availability. Each session takes 1-3 hours. *Home should be prepped and staged before shoot. All photos and videos delivered by the following business day (via Dropbox or similar). Dramatic Effects photos will require additional time.

To schedule a session or for a quote:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.