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Maintenance Plans

Try The "Easy" Button.

Once everything is all set up and you're happy with your website, I can fully hand over all maintenance and update responsibilities to you —or— you can choose a maintenance plan:

  • Charge Per Update - The price will be based on what type of update you request. See Pricing Information. Discounts for submitting multiple changes at once.

  • The "Easy" Button - You know you have your way of doing things. Sometimes that means delegating or communicating in half thoughts, relying on the other party to know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it means, providing updates in random ways or times of the day. Whatever the case, I will work with your style and do the website updates and maintenance for you as they come in. Two pricing tiers available.

  • Set It and Forget It - Let's be honest. Some companies just want a web presence and as long as people search for the company on Google and get your website on the first page of results, they're happy. The information on the website gives them the "pertinents" and those don't change very often.*

    OR... know exactly what you need to do to update site content yourself using the content management system. You know what you're doing but you just want someone to take on the hosting and registration administrative tasks.

    *Alternatively, if you're always on social media, you can update part of your website content by posting on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts and the feed on your website (if implemented) will automatically update on your site without needing to change website files.

Pricing Information

These plans are for maintenance and content updates only. For functionality and major template changes and feature upgrades, please contact me directly for pricing.

Charge Per Update:
You can submit up to five changes per type of update. i.e. It's more cost effective to submit 5 text changes at once for $10 than to send them over separately on different days of the week costing $50. Or, $30 vs. $150 for adding new products to your online store, etc.

$10 - Basic Text Changes
$10 - Add New Document Downloads
$15 - Add New Embedded Videos
$25 - Minor Template Design Changes
$25 - Page Content Layout Changes
$30 - Create and Implement New Graphics
$30 - Add New Product to Online Stores

Monthly Plan - The "Easy" Button:
If you want to have the ease of requesting random updates on the fly without needing to keep track of separate charges, this monthly payment plan may be better for you.

$400/month - 1-49 changes
$500/month - 50-100 changes

Monthly Plan - Set It and Forget It
Essentially, this plan pays for me handling your recurring payments with the registrar and hosting company as well as hosting maintenance and administrative tasks. You're left to freely make the website updates yourself as you please ...or not. It's up to you.


Need a quote or to get started:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.




Essentially, it takes four things to get a site on the internet.
  1. A Domain Name (or web/IP address) - the somthing.something or ##.###.##.##
  2. Site Files - the content and set of instructions that determine what displays on the window and what happens when visitors interact with the site
  3. Site Hosting - where those site files are stored
  4. Configuration - all these need to be configured so they work
If you have additional questions, just ask! Text me to get the dialog started.