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Hosting Set Up

Let me do the hosting set up for you!

One of a handful of reputable companies will be used to host your site. We will pick the plan that is best for your needs and will also give you the ability to add more features easily and grow with our company.

  • Basic Hosting - You know your company. It's a mom and pop shop, eatery, or other local, small business. You know it will always be that way. And you need a plan that gives the least strain on staff resources or your budget in terms of website updates/maintenance. You don't see your site requiring online payment capabilities in the future. This is the perfect plan for you.

  • Blog Hosting - You may be a person or company with a wealth of information to share and want to publish content freely and regularly, whether I do it for you or you are comfortable to do it yourself using a content management system. You may be a small business but you require the ability to frequently make website changes with ease.

  • E-Commerce Hosting - This option is geared for those individuals or companies who want to sell products online and accept credit card payments securely and manage shipping. This plan also includes the same benefits of the Blog Hosting plan.
Choosing the right plan and hosting company is important in terms of scalability. Analyzing the company's probability for growth and the need for website functionality upgrades and feature additions will help us determine which hosting company to select. This is very important to prevent furture headaches as a result of migrating a site from one host company to another.

Pricing Information

Initial Fee:
$50 - Hosting Set Up

Plan Options - Recurring Fee:
$10/month - Basic Hosting
$25/month - Blog Hosting
$30/month - E-Commerce Hosting

Need a quote or to get started:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.




Essentially, it takes four things to get a site on the internet.
  1. A Domain Name (or web/IP address) - the somthing.something or ##.###.##.##
  2. Site Files - the content and set of instructions that determine what displays on the window and what happens when visitors interact with the site
  3. Site Hosting - where those site files are stored
  4. Configuration - all these need to be configured so they work
If you have additional questions, just ask! Text me to get the dialog started.