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Schedule a Shoot

For Digital Marketing Imagery

If you need original media of yourself, your company, products, staff, etc., we can schedule a shoot to take photos or videos for your social media content, website, emails, digital documents, and printed materials. Preparation is key to make the most efficient use of our time. Be sure all items to be photographed are prepped before shooting. Depending, an initial meeting may be required to walk through the property or setting and determine needed backgrounds, furniture arrangements, staging area, or props. It may be a good idea to plan for ideal weather, the best time for staff, etc.

For video shoots, you have the option of interview or environment footage. Good examples of the latter are:

  • Staff at work, candid
  • Equipment in action
  • Business environment
  • Nature, plaza, landscaping
  • "Setting the mood" footage
  • Building exterior
  • Product in use
  • Happy customers
  • Lobby shots
  • Abstract shoots good for content backgrounds

Send me a text and we can get started on discussing the shots you need.

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Basic photo editing and adjustments will be applied to all photos and videos.

Single Person Shoot
$75 - Per 20 poses/hour/location*
Add $40 - Per additional hour, same day
Add $40 - Per additional 20 poses, same day
Add $40 - Per additional location* within 15 miles of original location, same day
Product/Staff Photo Shoots
$40 - Initial fee, first hour, one location*
$40 - Per additional hour (same day/location*)
$5 - Per item/person 2-3 shots each
$9 - Per item/person 4-6 shots each
$20 - Per item that needs extra set-up time between shots and/or requires special handling (clothing change, very large, fragile, etc.)
Interview Video Footage
$40 - Initial Fee, one location*
$25 - Per 15 minutes
Environment Videos
$40 - Initial Fee, one location*
$25 - Per 5 minutes of footage, one location*

Price Comparison: This 12-second video is $170
* San Jose and surrounding cities/areas only. When driving is needed to get to another setting, that is considered a separate location and requires an additional fee.


All photos and videos delivered within 5 business days (via Dropbox or similar). The smaller the job, the shorter the turn-around time. Product catalog photos tend to take the longest.

To schedule a session or for a quote:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.