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Event Photography

Capture the moments!

Hire me as a floating photographer at your event. Provide the agenda and list of "must-have" shots of moments, people, and items. I'll take candid shots, engage with others for posed shots. I can capture the decor, ambiance, and energy of the event.

Please note any restrictions. Some don't like photographers on stage. Identify, if any, people that are sensitive to flash. Point out certain spaces that are off limits (ex. Performers require a certain space (no tri-pod setup there), etc.)

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I typically charge $80/hour. You receive all good photos with basic photo editing and adjustments applied. San Jose, California, and surrounding cities/areas only.

Please note, I do not do weddings.


Depending on the quantity of photos, turn-around time varies. With a typical 4-hour event, photos may take 2 days. Or you can pay a rush fee of $100 for 24-hour turn-around. Image files will be delivered via method of your choice: ZIP download, thumb drive, DropBox (if space available), etc.

Need a quote or to book:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.