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Set Up New Account

Don't have the time to create and set up your social media accounts? Let me do it for you and set up your profile and cover images, description, contact info, hours, address and maps, made sure you're the administrator (or someone else designated for the job), etc. Once done, all you need to do is start posting. Or, if you would like to hire me as your account admin, I can get started. See the social media plans I offer for more information.

Social Media Platforms
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube

Cost of Service

$40 for 1st account, one company
$30 for each additional account for same company

Requires that I receive necessary company information, your logo or image you would like to use for your profile picture and an image for your cover photo (if applicable). If you would like for me to create these for you, please let me know.

Optional Services:
Brand New Logo - $300
Logo Refresh - $100
Cover Image Creation - $35/cover image

Pricing Examples: If you have one company and would like to set up an account with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the cost would be $100. Add a logo redesign service fee to refresh the look of your current logo, the total would be $200. If you want to make sure a cover image is used, the cost is still $200 if you provide the cover image. If you want me to design the cover image, the total cost would be $235. Note: Instagram does not use cover images.

Need a quote or to get started:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.