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Postcards & Mailings

For Realtors

Reach out to the market by mailing a postcard, brochure, or letter. Periodic mailings are an effective way to keep your realtor services top-of-mind and to inform neighborhoods of the local housing market. Make the home shine with professional, high-quality postcards and brochures. Leave a stack of informational postcards or flyers at stores or eateries. Have a consistent design to establish your brand or change it up to attract just the right buyer. You can supply the property photos or we can arrange a time to do a photo shoot.

Let me handle the mailing as well. All you need to do is supply your mailing list (Excel and .TXT files accepted, tab delimited). I can also maintain your mailing list if you have any updates.

Postcard Types
- Property Feature
- Local Listings
- "Sell Your Home" Solicitation
- "Just Sold" Notice
- Combination Flyer

Direct Mail Types
- Postcard
- Folded Brochure (sealed with tab sticker)
- Letter/brochure in envelope

Need letterhead and/or envelopes made? Check this out.

Pricing for Design & Ordering Service

$50 per postcard, letter, envelope design. PDFs provided.

Postcard Printing Options

- Small - 4x6"
- Large - 6x9"
Card Stock
- Premium Matte
- Premium Glossy

Brochure/Letter Printing Options

Size, direction of folds, number of folds are customizable.
- Standard Matte
- Premium Matte
- Premium Glossy
- Recycled
#10 Envelopes

Mailing Options

Direct Mailing Services (USPS)
- Standard
- Standard Presorted (200 minimum)
- First Class
- First Class Presorted (for over 500)

Need a quote or to get started:

Text any time and I'll get back to you within the hour during business hours.